Monthly Meetup

Link to event here: The Association for Science and Reason (Skeptics Canada)

Location: Fox and Fiddle

27 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, ON

Toronto Skeptics in the Pub Event:  Check back later to see what is happening this month. We may have a speaker, or maybe we will just have a free and open discussion. In any case we will have a nice, enjoyable time with a friendly group of skeptically minded people. We'll be at our usual venue, the Fox and Fiddle, just across from Wellesley Subway station. To find us, tell the wait staff you are looking for the Skeptics. We should be on the 3rd Floor.

The Association for Science and Reason (formerly Skeptics Canada) ( has opened its regular monthly dinner to interested Meetup members, and it has been a lot of fun. Heated discussion, hot food, good company--a great way to spend the evening without losing I.Q. points.