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"The Catholic Church and Globalization, specifically how the Cold War affected the development of World Religions, and how Religions themselves, the Catholic Church in this case, were used in the Cold War for political and economic purposes. For the most part I'm showing that through its collusion with American power elites against Communism, the Vatican (and other world religions in general), gave up their "social justice" elements and adopted what we would now identify as early "market fundamentalist" ideologies. In this process these religions also began preoccupying themselves with personal sexual issues which functioned as a self-censoring mechanism in their believers; they also began targeting sexual minorities which had the effect of internally purging communities of progressives and leftists, but also tearing families and communities apart, which as we are seeing now is a tactic which has backfired. My main concern is wealth inequality and the dangers of emerging global plutocracies; so I personally do not care if the work against these growing trends comes from progressive religions or from politically active atheist organizations, but I do think it would be a fascinating discussion to have with the CFI community."

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